Real Movement Physiotherapy Clinic promotes the use of exercise for health and well being and a return to pre-injury levels of activity.

You should dress appropriately, shorts or vest maybe required, depending on site of injury.  The physiotherapy assessment will last approximately 45 min’s.

On initial assessment, you will be asked about the history of injury

  • When it happened.

  • How it happened.

  • What pain presents like.

You will be asked about past medical history, medication currently used, and information regarding hobbies, sporting background and work.

The physiotherapist will look at the injured area, you may be asked to undress so the physiotherapist can palpate the injured joint or muscle. You will be given a diagnosis and then a treatment plan will be discussed.

Occasionally the treatment may cause an increase in symptoms but should settle within 24 hrs.

The physiotherapist may give you a home exercise programme to complement treatment.

Appointments last for 45 minutes on assessment and review unless otherwise advised.

Fees £33.00 Initial assessment

        £30.00 Review appointment

        £25.00 Under 18’s

Associated with health insurance companies WPA & AVIVA.

Please contact if associated with any other health insurance company.